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Originally known as Solberg Crest, Sun Mountain Crest Villa was built circa 1950 by Judge Herman E. Moore, originally from Chicago, who served as the U.S. District Judge for the Virgin Islands from 1939-1957. He was the 2nd African American to serve on the U.S. District Court. Moore was a graduate of Howard University and the Boston University College of Law. His wife was Marie Johnson Moore.


 He commissioned the house with the hopes of overlooking St. Thomas' Long Bay while maintaining peaceful privacy. Surrounded by local fruit trees, flowers, and tropical bushes, his idea came to fruition. In 2020 the house was in a much different state. It was purchased by the B's and they set to work immediately on necessary renovations, completely restoring the kitchen, all bathrooms and completely re-doing the basement apartment. The couple worked hard to tame the gorgeous plants encompassing the property and added a small herb garden. The B's have held true to what we believe was Judge Moore's idea of the serene house on top of the mountain, believing it is a joyous place filled with adventure and relaxation.

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